Northeast / East Coast / Mid-Atlantic Regions

Cape May Seashore Lines (CMSL) is a short line railroad that provides effective, efficient and economical railcar storage services. The Seashore Lines stands ready to deliver railcar storage services for private freight car owners, railcar lessees and lessors, Class I railroads, and other railcar storage providers looking to expand their market reach, especially in the Northeast / East Coast and Mid-Atlantic regions of the United States.   

The Seashore Lines’ railcar storage facilities and services feature convenient access and close proximity to major east coast metropolitan areas, industrial centers, manufacturing hubs, ports and refineries. These include, but are certainly not limited to:

As a result of over 28 years experience in the rail transportation industry, the Seashore Lines can be the ‘perfect fit’ as a solution to your railcar storage requirements.   In this regard, please take a moment of your time to look at the many services the Seashore Lines offers.

FAST FACTS about the Seashore Lines’ Railcar Storage Services:


For railcar storage information, including rates and current number of spots available, please contact the Seashore Lines at your convenience.  For information on the Seashore Lines’ railcar storage services, please contact us at:; or, our business office: 609-602-1264. 

In addition to the Seashore Lines’ railcar storage services, the Seashore Lines provides Freight Rail Service for southern New Jersey industries.  The Seashore Lines also offers several ‘rail to truck’ and ‘truck to rail’ transload sites along its lines.  For information on the Seashore Lines’ freight rail services and transload locations, please contact us at:; or, our business office: 609-602-1264.

Thank you for your interest in the Seashore Lines and our many services.  The Seashore Lines looks forward to serving you as your railcar storage and freight requirements demand.

A.C. “Tony” Macrie

President and General Manager


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